Gallery: Oak City Shred Fest Photos

by Jun 1, 2022Newsletter, Photo Galleries, Summer 20220 comments

Enjoy our gallery of Oak City Shred Fest photos, courtesy of Cory Boehne (Armor-Dilloz)–thank you! See the full album here.



That is the mission of Oak City Onewheel, the triangle’s Onewheel and PEV riders club. After founding members shared their camping venue Lakeside Retreats, the group knew they had to host an event on this property. Thanks to the support of Lakeside Retreats they have built a purpose-built Onewheel race track called FloatTrack. Learn more about Oak City Shred Fest, its founders, and its history here.

Oak City Shred Fest 2022 took place May 13-15 and was the first major Onewheel race of the season. Perhaps more significantly, it was the first major Onewheel race to include the new GT model, which boasts 3 horsepower torque and a faster top speed than its predecessor, the Onewheel XR. See how riders stacked up in our race results gallery!

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