IOWA Vendors

The International One Wheel Association is proud to work with the most respected aftermarket vendors in our community providing parts, modifications, and services.
IOWA vendors are our sponsors, partners, and friends. Thank you for your support!

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Contact: Jeff McCosker

Email: jeff@thefloatlife.com

The Float Life aims to make the most bomber, innovative and protective products possible. Our goal is to help riders customize and protect their board while continuing to innovate and lead the Onewheel scene in a bigger and better direction every day. Being the first to make an innovative product for the Onewheel, “Float Plates” (Circa 2016) Jeff has always had the mindset and the passion to make the Onewheel stronger and more shreddable. We aim to make The Float Life the best life! Float on, my friends 🙂


Contact: Cory Boehne

Email: teamdilloz@armor-dilloz.com

The team behind Armor-Dilloz, the world’s best tire sealant, are proud sponsors of the Onewheel community and it’s riders! Armor-Dilloz was created by Cory just for the Onewheel, and his product has been hugely successful and is now known and loved in the EUC, E-Skate, E-Bike, and Scooter communities as well. Onewheel, once again leading the way!

At Armor-Dilloz.com not only will you find the most incredible tire sealant money can buy – but here you’ll also find a variety of high end Onewheel accessories, from their awesome Stainless Steel Plates to the super cool fire-spitting Draggin-Tail!


Contact: Michael Woolson and Orie Rush

Email: michael@michaelwoolson.com

Orie Rush and Michael Woolson are brothers and have been riding OneWheels together since 2015, participating in a number of races, rides, and community based events like Float Life Fest.

In 2017 they created a prototype for a game-changing OneWheel accessory, FlightFins. With easy mounting and dismounting, FlightFins would allow riders to jump the OneWheel for the first time and gave them an added level of control for both urban and trail riding. Soon after finalizing the prototype they launched their first crowdsourcing campaign which was fully funded within 48 hours.

FlightFins has continued to create innovative and next level products since then, and is committed to keeping the bar high for all riders worldwide.


Contact: Bradley Michael Spence

Email: hello@boulderdenim.com

Originally created for rock climbers, Boulder Denim makes jeans that are stretchy, durable, and repel liquids and stains. Onewheel riders quickly realized they also make the perfect Onewheeling pants. They have recently collaborated with The Float Life to release a limited run of dark olive Float x Boulder jeans. Crafted for the climb AND the float.

Float Gang

Contact: Edgar Comellas

Email: hello@floatgang.com

Here at Float Gang we know that your Onewheel is part of your lifestyle. Our unique styles and designs ensure that your passion for floating is always on display. We take pride in providing you quality merch and fun designs so you can continue spreading the stoke. Keep on Floating!


Contact: Brian Lindy

Email: info@onestopboardshop.com

One Stop Board Shop began in a garage in New Jersey simply to meet the demands of local riders for repair and service work.
As we began stocking aftermarket parts and accessories, we quickly realized how fragmented and separated the ordering process for Onewheel accessories can be for both the rider who is new to the scene and the veteran rider; countless options, dozens of websites to order from, etc.
We strive to solve that problem by consolidating everything you could want into an awesome, easy-to-use marketplace while staying true to our roots and delivering high quality service work not only to our local riders, but also to everyone across the country.


Contact: Ky Miller

Email: swervclothing@gmail.com

Swerv Clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand for the onewheel and e-board culture. We focus on providing high quality screen printed clothing that feature creative artwork. Our goal is to help build and grow the sport, while keeping you looking steezy. We all know the passion we feel, we should be wearing it.

Bobs Stoke Shop

Contact: Bob Nicholson

Email: bobsstokeshop@gmail.com

Established in 2019.

It all started as a passion for the hobby and it has blossomed into a Repair and upgrade business! We specialize in upgrading your stock Onewheelâ„¢ Skateboard, we stock all the most popular accessories such as Tires, Rail/Battery and Controller protection, Bearing changes and Internal parts and Repairs.

Pro Ride

Contact: Paul Orhek

Email: paul@prorideusa.com

Founded in 2018 ProRide is a California company that designs and markets custom boardsport related products, we are proud innovators making surf style traction available to the Onewheel community. Since day one one our products have been built and improved upon from the feedback of not only our team riders, but from surfers, snowboarders and skaters like you.

Rent EBoards

Contact: Jake Cooper

Email: jake@renteboards.com

RentEBoards is a growing network of personal electric vehicle rental, sales, and services businesses. Often when traveling, it’s difficult or impossible to bring our boards with us. Renting a board at your destination can be a great solution. We are currently only in select cities but hope to expand into more soon.


Contact: Ric Miller & Troy Hendrick

Email: fishbones@gmail.com

Inspired by carving in skating, surfing, snowboarding, and skiing, Front Range Float Designs (FRFD) realized that riders wanted to shape their own footpads to enhance and improve the feeling and stability of a good turn. In response, FRFD created Fishbones–a front and rear pad concave aftermarket solution to improve carving, control, and stability on the board. The original Fishbones were designed to avoid sensor problems by hovering the contact points of the product above the sensor. This concept has been constantly and reliably employed in the design for Barracudas (full-length shaping), Fishkicks (for shaping around all edges of the board), Guppies (smaller Fishbones for the OW Pint), MantaRay (360-degree concave for the OW Pint), and the Plugbrush (combination utility tool and charge-port cover). We believe in the continued promotion, competition and community of one-wheeled electric board-sports and are pleased to support I.O.W.A. and appreciate the support of all riders in the organization.

Lemonade Float Co

Contact: CJ Maxwell

Email: lemonadefloatco@gmail.com

Lemonade Float Co. is a Lifestyle Brand for the sport of Onewheeling. We provide Onewheel only parts from Grind Wax to Grip Tape and spread stoke by creating rad content and epic giveaways for the community. We also donate a percentage of all sales to different charities each month!!

Tire Sire

Contact: Matt Liguori

Email: TheTiresire@gmail.com​

Chicago’s go-to guy for all things Onewheel! Proudly servicing the greater Chicago area since 2019. Stoke Life Service member. Live-streamed tune ups, tire changes, badgering, battery mods, bearing swaps, repairs and more.