The IOWA Group Ride Guide

The Group Ride Guide (GRG) is for organizing and leading group rides for Onewheel enthusiasts,  and was created by the International Onewheel Association (IOWA), The Float Life (TFL), and Armor Dilloz. The GRG emphasizes the joy of riding Onewheels with friends and the importance of group rides. It serves as a comprehensive guide for planning successful rides and building Onewheel communities. This guide describes different types of group rides, including Slow Roll, Mission, Marathon, Shred, Parade, and Mixed.

Each type is categorized based on range, speed, terrain, and skill level to help riders choose the right event. The guide offers a detailed plan for organizing a group ride, including route planning, appointing co-leaders, engaging participants, and providing essential items like safety gear and tools. It offers tips on building and growing a local Onewheel group through platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Meetup, and the Onewheel app. The GRG emphasizes the importance of safety, logistics, teamwork, and gradual growth. Overall, this guide provides a comprehensive resource for Onewheel riders to enhance their riding experience through organized, safe, and community-building group rides.

The GRG is a collaboration of hard work between IOWA, The Float Life and Armor Dilloz team. We want to thank Armor-Dilloz and The Float Life for contributing their knowledge, experience, and love for building the Onewheel community around the world with us! We hope you enjoy this guide and it helps all local Onewheel groups grow in size, safety, and stoke!