International One Wheel Association

Legitimizing and Advocating for the Sport of Onewheel



Athletes, Vendors, & Community Building A Future Together


Respect and responsibility are at the core of our training and competition standards.


We’re working to ensure access and inclusion at your favorite trails, parks, and beyond. Volunteer to support our mission in your area!

Our Mission

The International One Wheel Association shapes the electric boardsport and riding community through three foundational cornerstones: Community, Training, and Competition. We encourage rider safety, community responsibility, an active volunteer membership base and great sportsmanship!


Our community comes together through the shared love of riding. IOWA strives to build relationships on a local, regional, national, and international scale to help support members and their community development needs.

Part of IOWA’s goal is to encourage growth in our community and increase visibility of the sport across the globe. Through an active membership and volunteer base, we all make this possible.


Part of our mission is to share and provide educational content to the community with the purpose of improving everyone’s riding ability. We emphasize safety and responsible riding for all levels of experience, from beginners looking to master fundamental riding techniques to advanced riders looking to push the sport forward. We hope you enjoy learning and are able to improve your riding!


We assist event hosts and athletes by providing standardization and objective scoring methodologies. IOWA maintains records, rankings, and provides promotional support for event organizers and members.

By providing support for event organizers and competitors we encourage sportsmanship amongst athletes in the sport: Athletes, vendors, and community building a future together.

Our Values

Respect and responsibility are at the core of our training and competition standards.


We advocate for safe riding at all times. Board sports carry inherent risks. IOWA strives to mitigate these risks by encouraging One Wheel riders to use protective equipment, proper technique, and attention to safe riding conditions.


We set high standards for all riders in the community, especially our membership. Respect each other, the public, the trails we ride, and the authorities that maintain those trails by showing courtesy and riding within your limits.


We believe that fair and spirited competition can coexist with encouragement amongst fellow riders. We strive to exhibit a collaborative and positive mindset where riders can both support and challenge each other.

Our 2023 Goals

1. To grow our general membership. (Always)

2. To complete our comprehensive system for ranking the world’s most competitive riders. (ACCOMPLISHED)

3. To generate a group ride guide and resource kit to help local onewheel community groups. (ACCOMPLISHED)

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