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Access to special community content

All IOWA members have access to our blog which is dedicated to highlighting community athletes, vendors and events.

Onewheel Vendor Discounts

Becoming an IOWA member unlocks significant discounts from the top vendors all year long! The discounts members receive from IOWA vendors easily pays for the annual membership. We continue partnering with an ever growing list of the most respected vendors in the community which means more discounts for IOWA members!

Training Video Library

IOWA highlights and features training videos from the best riders and leaders in the community. Learn new tricks, skills and board maintenance tips from the Pros!

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Annual stoke members will be featured on our social media platforms
Chris Richardson making moves
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Affordable monthly membership
Blog access
IOWA vendor discounts
Tier 1 - Annual stoke
$50 / Year
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Blog access
IOWA vendor discounts
Save $10 by paying once a year

The Challenge

We bring together a worldwide community of riders dedicated to the sport. For any sport to work they need three things: athletes, events and rules. So how do we establish rules that make sense to the audience, the participants and judges?

The Solution

IOWA members, athletes, and vendors help drive the development of the sport. Becoming an IOWA member means access to dedicated Onewheel content via our blog and training video library. Help shape the future of the sport with us as an IOWA member!

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