Onewheel Rider Resources

Training and tutorials

Part of the International One Wheel Association’s mission is to provide and share educational content to the community with the purpose of improving everyone’s riding ability and knowledge base. Browse our video library and get ready to level up!

Trail Access and Advocacy

Have you been stopped by an authority figure while riding your Onewheel? Did your favorite trail post a new sign saying Onewheels are not allowed? Use our advocacy resources to help make a case for equal access on your favorite trails.

Best practices and Etiquette

The number-one way to avoid getting stopped or banned on your Onewheel is to ride with respect. IOWA has assembled this list of best practices and etiquette, which we encourage all Onewheel riders to practice on both pavement and trails.

Become a Member

Join the community. Add your voice to the movement. Become a member of the International One Wheel Association and start enjoying the benefits today!