Cory Boehne shares the story behind Armor-Dilloz, his military-grade tire sealant that’s become trusted across the Onewheel community.

Vendor name: Overkill Inc. / Armor-Dilloz

Location: Miami Florida

Products or services offered: Extreme tire sealants and high quality Onewheel accessories

Most popular product: Armor-Dilloz Red Tire Sealant

How/why did your business get started?


In a word? Frustration. Disappointed in all commercial sealants and tired of endless flat tires, I set out to solve the issue by taking tire sealant to a point where ‘overkill’ is a very apt description.

Cory Boehne demonstrates the size puncture his sealant products can patch

What needs did you see in the community that were not being filled?

Before Armor-Dilloz, I was making metal protection plates for the Onewheel, as there was no other metal option available, and I wanted durable and beautiful protection. The plates were available through FlightFins. But of course, that was not a serious business, just a side project to get a product I wanted made at a more reasonable per-unit cost.

The need for quality tire sealant was a much more serious issue, and my background and experience in manufacturing and reliability positioned me to be able to solve the problem in a way that no-one had before. As of today we remain the only micro-producer of tire sealant of which I am aware, as all other sealants are made in huge batches by large manufacturers. 

What makes your product different from similar products on the market?

The secret to our effectiveness is our crafting process. Armor-Dilloz tire sealant is made with high-speed equipment in very small-volume batches, which allows us to get more of the important stuff into the sealant.

At some point, normal large-scale mixing equipment will remove solids and fibers from a mixture as quickly as you can put it in, and once a buildup starts on a surface, a rapid growth of that buildup occurs as the product is designed to bind to itself.  Our process allows us to create a product that delivers significantly improved performance in very thin and delicate tires. 

The other big secret to our product is that we use flow agents and binders that give our product a free and very fast movement within the tire instead of sticking to stuff. The result is a much lower parasitic loss of power and a much higher effectiveness, as the sealant is free to flow where it needs to be instead of simply having a thin coating on the tire.

Armor-Dilloz founder Cory Boehne and his tire-stabbing tool
Founder Cory Boehne fills a onewheel tire with Armor-Dilloz military-grade tire sealant

Do you have any new/exciting projects in the pipeline? What are they and when can we expect them to be available?

Can’t say much yet, because I want to be first to market on this – but I think our next product is going to prove extremely popular with a broad market segment.  Unfortunately, delays and supply chain issues are probably going to push this for another month or two.

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