Results are in from Oak City Shred Fest, which took place on May 13-15, 2022 and was the first major Onewheel race of the season. Perhaps more significantly, it was the first major Onewheel race to include the new GT model, which boasts 3 horsepower torque and a faster top speed than its predecessor, the Onewheel XR. Despite the difference in specs, organizers opted not to host separate race categories for the GT and XR.

“Device capability in terms of speed may not be what wins the race,” said Josh “Supremo” Christensen, President and Director of Oak City Shred Fest. “It’s more about holding the line and the race mentality.”

Despite a wet weekend in Raleigh, NC, the race went on as planned. See how riders stacked up by category and board choice in our results gallery below!

2022 Race Results by Category

Click through our gallery to see Oak City Shred Fest 2022 race results for men, women, clydesdales, groms, and master class.

About Oak City Shred Fest

Women racing in the Oak City Shred Fest finals

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That is the mission of Oak City Onewheel, the triangle’s Onewheel and PEV riders club. After founding members shared their camping venue Lakeside Retreats, the group knew they had to host an event on this property. Thanks to the support of Lakeside Retreats they have built a purpose-built Onewheel race track called FloatTrack.

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