Future Motion Vs. JW Batteries Lawsuit Dismissed

The Court has dismissed Future Motion’s lawsuit against JW Batteries, makers of extended Onewheel batteries and the JWFFM chip.

Race Results: Race for the Rail 2022

The Onewheel racing season culminates in Race for the Rail. Read our play-by-play and find out who was crowned the fastest rider in America!

Vendor Highlight: Badgerwheel

He waterproofed the Onewheel. He solved the problem of nosedives. What’s next for IOWA vendor Badgerwheel?

DirtSurferz 2022 Race Results

DirtSurferz 2022 featured 7 segments of downhill enduro racing and a long-distance Onewheel GT excursion race. Here are the results!

Floatlife Fest 5 Race Results

Floatlife Fest 5 was the 5th iteration of the biggest Onewheel event in the world. See how this year’s 600 riders stacked up in the races!

The Richflip: Chris Richardson Invents New Onewheel Trick (Again)

Chris Richardson takes us behind the scenes of his new Onewheel trick, the Richflip, an insane variation on the skateboarding 360 kick flip.

IOWA Newsletter: Winter 2021

Vendors weigh in on new Onewheel models, legal experts break down the JWFFM lawsuit, and the photo gallery takes us back to Floatlife Fest 4.

Onewheel Lawsuit: Why Future Motion is Suing JW Batteries

IOWA’s legal experts break down the Future Motion lawsuit against JW Batteries and what it means for Onewheel riders’ right to repair.

Float Italia Hosts Europe’s Biggest Onewheel Event

Float Italia hosted the biggest Onewheel event in Europe to date, attracting 57 riders from 11 different countries.

Vendor Highlight: Rent EBoards

Rent EBoards is a network for PEV rentals, sales, and service, popular at events where riders can’t always travel with their own Onewheel.