Future Motion Vs. JW Batteries Lawsuit Dismissed

The Court has dismissed Future Motion’s lawsuit against JW Batteries, makers of extended Onewheel batteries and the JWFFM chip.

Onewheel GT Racing in the 2022 Season

How will the new Onewheel GT fit into this season’s racing scene? Here’s what event organizers are planning for 2022 Onewheel races.

IOWA Newsletter: Spring 2022

Onewheel GT issues fuel safety concerns, Stokebird takes Miami by storm, and Chris Richardson takes us behind the scenes of his insane new trick.

Vendor Highlight: ProRide

Say goodbye to foot fatigue! Paul Orehek shares how his surfing background inspired ProRide traction pads for Onewheel.

IOWA Newsletter: Winter 2021

Vendors weigh in on new Onewheel models, legal experts break down the JWFFM lawsuit, and the photo gallery takes us back to Floatlife Fest 4.

Vendor Highlight: Boulder Denim

Bradley Michael Spence shares how Boulder Denim’s rock-climbing jeans accidentally became the perfect Onewheeling jeans.

Vendor Highlight: StreetShred

Jeremy Gavin shares the story of StreetShred, from his first footpad (Viper concave for the Onewheel v1) to the innovative NightShark fender.

Vendor Highlight: One Stop Board Shop

One Stop Board Shop is a retail and e-commerce store servicing personal electric vehicles (PEVs), including Onewheels, e-bikes and more.

Vendor Highlight: 1Protect

CC Travis shares the story behind 1Protect, makers of lightweight hand and wrist protection for Onewheel riders.

Vendor Highlight: Badgerwheel

He waterproofed the Onewheel. He solved the problem of nosedives. What’s next for IOWA vendor Badgerwheel?