CPSC Pushes for Onewheel Recall

The USCPSC is pursuing a recall of the entire Onewheel lineup. Read our open letter and see how you can help save our sport!

Freeriders Fly High: The Future of Freestyle Onewheel

The future of freestyle onewheel is… freeride? See how a spontaneous tech riding contest at DirtSurferz changed the sport forever.

Floatlife Fest 5 Photos

Relive the biggest Onewheel event of 2022 with our series of Floatlife Fest 5 photo galleries. Thank you to the photographers who contributed!

Gallery: 2022 DirtSurferz Photos

Check our our TWO galleries of DirtSurferz photos donated by Apex Visual Solutions and EK Event Photography–THANK YOU!

Photo Gallery: Race for the Rail 2022

Race for the Rail is North America’s most prestigious Onewheel race of the year. Enjoy our RFTR 2022 photo gallery by Robert Bardelmeier!

Vendor Highlight: 1Protect

CC Travis shares the story behind 1Protect, makers of lightweight hand and wrist protection for Onewheel riders.

Vendor Highlight: The Float Life

Jeff McCosker shares the inspiration behind the Float Life’s first product ever. Join IOWA for an exclusive Float Life discount code!

Vendor Highlight: Boulder Denim

Bradley Michael Spence shares how Boulder Denim’s rock-climbing jeans accidentally became the perfect Onewheeling jeans.

Vendor Highlight: CarbonSmith

CarbonSmith founder Ryan Shaun Smith shares how riding the V1 inspired him to invent some of the first aftermarket Onewheel accessories.

Onewheel GT Issues Fuel Safety Concerns

New boards are shipping, but Onewheel GT issues abound. Stokelife Service experts weigh in to help separate fact from fiction.

VESC: The Little FOCer that Could

VESC: The Little FOCer that Could

VESC is an electronic speed controller popular in DIY e-skate. It uses open-source software that enables DIY board builders to fine-tune dozens of performance parameters to create their perfect ride—and it’s dropping into the onewheel world like Dom Williams off a...

Op-Ed: If I Ran the Races

Op-Ed: If I Ran the Races

Proposal: A streamlined onewheel racing ecosystem would simplify planning and scoring for hosts and give riders clarity on how they rank.