The Future of Motion and the Right to Repair

Welcome to the IOWA Newsletter: Winter 2021 edition! In this issue: Vendors weigh in on new Onewheel models, legal experts break down the JWFFM lawsuit, and the Floatlife Fest 4 photo gallery takes us back to the biggest event of the year, courtesy of Cory Boehne and Luke Wein.

State of the Association: Winter 2021 Update

New Boards

The final quarter of 2021 is upon us, and IOWA is trying to keep up! New issues, new boards, and new board members have us trying to control our collective squirrel-brains.

The obvious is on the table—new products from Future Motion. Both the Pint X and the GT look to be game changers—quite literally. What will the format of races look like after these boards matriculate from the factory into the wild? This is an issue we’ve already wrestled with, as “beefed up” batteries have been on the market for some time.

New Issues

About those aftermarket batteries? Future Motion is interested in them, too. They even reached out to JW Batteries at the beginning of the quarter—with a summons and complaint. A full-throated defense by JW Batteries might feature “right-to-repair” theories, a prospect that would lend valuable clarity no matter how it plays out. We are keeping a close eye on these developments.

New Board Members

And finally, new board members have joined the executive team at IOWA. Amanda Thompson, Noah Priest-Goodset, and Fabio Costa were vetted, approached and extended invitations to join IOWA’s Board. All three accepted, and IOWA couldn’t be luckier to add such dedicated riders and community members. The new energy will facilitate several of the Board’s stated 2022 goals—most importantly (but not limited to) the advocacy of trail and access rights for Onewheel riders, an issue that we think will matter more to the everyday rider than any other.

Winter brings the holiday season, and even though we’ll ride fewer miles with more clothes, we’re always bound to see a huge bump of new riders whose wish lists were accommodated. Welcoming and encouraging new riders and relationships has always been a huge element of the original magic of Onewheel, and that won’t change regardless of new boards or lawsuits. Join your local riding group, join IOWA, sponsor a group ride or get together with your buddies and stage a DIY race. Join the community and Float On!

IOWA Newsletter: Winter 2021 Features

Onewheel Lawsuit: Why Future Motion is Suing JW Batteries

IOWA’s legal experts break down the Future Motion lawsuit against JW Batteries and what it means for Onewheel riders’ right to repair.

The Future of Motion: Onewheel GT and Pint X Announced

Future Motion announces new models, Onewheel GT and Pint X, and discontinues XR. What does this mean for IOWA vendors?

Floatlife Fest 4 Photo Gallery

Photos from Floatlife Fest 4, the biggest Onewheel event of the year, provided by Cory Boehne (Armor-Dilloz) and Luke Wein (Carve Creative).


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