Fun Weekend 3 kicked off the 2023 Onewheel season in sunny San Diego, CA. The third year of Wheel Fun Stuff’s flagship event in the books, and it was (as always) a Wheel Fun Weekend. 

The event kicked off Thursday night with a night ride through downtown San Diego. On Friday, riders split up to cover some local trails, feed the homeless, and check out the Ocean Beach neighborhood around co-host Ezeryders shop. The night concluded with the traditional Disco Nights roller rink ride at Derby United. 

Wheel Fun Weekend 3 Photo Gallery

Photos provided by Pete Santos. Thank you! View and purchase more event photos here.

Saturday was spent at Wheel Fun Stuff headquarters, where riders had opportunities to participate in trick clinics and learn about VESC with Dado Mista. The stoke ramped up all afternoon long, finally culminating in the annual Wheel Fun Stuff party and Fun races.

It was exciting to see this year’s innovations in chair mounts and just how fast the chair races have gotten since Wheel Fun Stuff first introduced the idea. Equally exciting were the tandem races, which attracted couples, friends, parents and kids to balance two riders on a single board and complete laps as fast as they could!

“Wheel fun weekend was a blast. Nothing but good times, fast riders, & vibes 😎 my favorite part is always the party at wheel fun stuff. I love the trick park we get set up every year.”

Allie Stanley, Wheel Femme Stuff

On Sunday, Fun Weekend 3 concluded with a pump track race. San Diego BMX has graciously opened their venue to host the Fun Weekend races all three years of the event, for which riders and spectators alike are gratefulthis event is always a crowd-pleaser!

The raised stands allow viewers to see the whole course from start to finish, so you’ll never miss a moment of the action. San Diego BMX provides PA equipment as well as official score sheets, lending an exciting and very official mood to the final event of the weekend. Watch the recap and tap through the results gallery below to see who got to take home this year’s trophies, custom-made and hand-delivered by Aaron Kidd! 

“Fun Weekend is the perfect weekend to come out and have some fun! It’s a great beginner track if you’re just getting into racing and it’s a great advanced track if you’re trying to full send!!”

Kyle Hanson, Wheel Fun Stuff