Brothers Edgar and Erick Comellas founded Float Gang to bring style and variety to the Onewheeler’s wardrobe.

Vendor name: Float Gang

Location: Orlando, FL

Products or services offered: Float Gang is a lifestyle apparel brand, providing shirts, outerwear, hats, and other hard goods.

Most popular product: Shirts…Everyone wears a shirt, and everyone loves to show off what they love. Simple, comfy, and stylish, a Float Gang shirt is the best way to add some panache to your next group ride.

Float Gang logo square

How/why did your business get started?

We had been in the Onewheel world since 2019. During the pandemic our primary businesses slowed down and my brother and I decided to turn an idea (selling shirts) into a business. Being that it was a passion and hobby before, we quickly found inspiration and most importantly support from the Onewheeling community.

What needs did you see in the community that were not being filled? 

Fresh new designs with a variety of themes, styles, and artist collabs. I could dress up my Onewheel with an infinite mix of parts and accessories, but I only had two shirt options. At Float Gang we provide you with unique and quality products aimed at accessorizing your style to match your floating flair.

What makes your product different from similar products on the market?

Variety and accessibility. First, we not only update designs seasonally, but update product quality as new fabric blends are made available or new printing techniques are implemented. Second, our worldwide print partners allow for customers in Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and South America to order products without the fear of high shipping costs. 

The Float Gang team at a Onewheel festival

Do you have any new/exciting projects in the pipeline? What are they and when can we expect them to be available?

We recently dropped our Spring Collection and Summer is right around the corner. Currently working with Float Addicts on a collab design and we are making plans for Float Life Fest 5 (don’t worry the inflatable couch and FREE waters will be back). But if you want to be in “the know”…be sure to follow us on social media for the latest announcements and news. 

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