Race for the Rail

Race for the Rail (RFTR) is North America’s most prestigious Onewheel event of the year. This intense downhill Onewheel race is hosted annually by Onewheel Racing League (ORL) around mid- to late-August. All the major U.S. events of the season lead up to this one final showdown and the chance for two speedy winners to take home the namesake Rail trophy… along with $10,000 each.

This year’s race took place August 20 and 21 at Sky Tavern ski resort near Reno, NV—just a stone’s throw from the legendary trails of Lake Tahoe. The 2022 Race for the Rail champions were Kyle Hanson (Wheel Fun Stuff) and Racheal “Diesel” Cecil (Drift Sisters; IOWA founding member). Congratulations!

Enjoy our gallery of Race for the Rail 2022 photos, courtesy of Robert Bardelmeier. Thank you!

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RFTR 2022 Race Course Insights


Racers told IOWA that this year’s course was one of the best RFTR courses yet. Onewheel Racing League introduced features and obstacles such as kicker ramps, tabletops, and a giant wooden apex fondly referred to as “Ranger Danger,” a steep uphill/downhill boardwalk section that took riders over a Ford Ranger pickup truck. 

This year’s race course was practically everything the riders have been asking for,” said women’s champion Racheal “Diesel” Cecil. “It wasn’t a drag race down a fire road like it has been. The features added a huge level of technicality while also acting as speed checks.”

Men’s champion Kyle Hanson agreed. “I hope they keep adding features like this for RFTR since it really showcases what the Onewheels are capable of,” said Hanson. “It also makes the riders have to dial in their racing and be more focused and really know the course.”

A potential area of improvement for next year would be to include some smoother sections where racers can get up more speed. Riders reported (and it was clear from the livestream) that the terrain still presented some serious chonk. Still, from what we’ve heard, Race for the Rail keeps getting better every year, and we’re stoked to see what Onewheel does next!

Want more insights from the champs?

Stay tuned—Kyle and Racheal gave us the inside scoop, and we will be sharing soon!