Dirt Surferz enduro onewheel race trophies

DirtSurferz 2022 Race Results Are In!

DirtSurferz 2022 featured 7 segments of downhill enduro racing and a long-distance Onewheel GT excursion race. All board types and modifications were permitted, even on the GT excursion, which included a separate prize for the fastest competitors riding Onewheel XR. The downhill enduro did not distinguish between board models: The fastest time took the prize. 

The race went on in spite of torrential rains on Saturday. By moving the excursion to Saturday and saving the enduro for Sunday, organizers were able to keep riders off the trails during the worst of the weather. The steep, rocky trails drained quickly, making only a minor issue of standing water and mud.

 Riders registered for the Pro division vied for cash prizes and a coveted free trip to the Onewheel Racing League qualifier of their choice, where they will seed directly into the bracket instead of working their way up through time trials like the rest of the competitors. 

 The fastest rider in the Pro Men’s division was Kyle Hansen of WheelFunStuff, with a combined time of 20:33.7 across all seven enduro segments. In Pro Women’s, Rachel Payne took the prize with a total time of 24:41.0. Check out the results below to see how racers stacked up segment by segment! 

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GT Excursion

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