Meet Matt Liguori—a.k.a. the Tire Sire—and learn all about his SLS-certified Chicago service center for Onewheels and other PEVs.

Vendor name: Tire Sire, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL USA

Products or services offered: Various repairs, upgrades and mods to Onewheels and other PEVs (tire changes, bearing swaps, waterproofing, battery mods, etc).

What is your most popular product? Deluxe Tire Change

How/why did your business get started?


After getting my first Onewheel, I couldn’t stop researching the board inside-out. Couple this with an amazing, inclusive community of riders and aftermarket vendors, and I was hooked!

Tire Sire Matt Liguori onewheels down a dirt trail
The Tire Sire Onewheel and PEV shop in Chicago, IL

What needs did you see in the community that were not being filled?

I heard people in my local Chicago Onewheel community talking about wanting tire changes or to test out certain mods or compare after-market accessories, but most people lack the time and the tools to do it themselves. Enter: Tire Sire.

What makes your product different from similar products on the market?


Tire Sire is the only dedicated storefront in Chicago specializing in Onewheels and other PEVs. I am an SLS certified mechanic and a member of the illustrious Onewheel.Pro inner circle, as well as IOWA. Tire Sire is the exclusive Rent eBoards affiliate for Chicago and sponsor of 2 local riders near the top of the mileage leaderboards. I also have the best grass-roots marketing team (thanks guys!).


Do you have any new/exciting projects in the pipeline? 


Yes! I’m co-starring in Pushback, a Onewheel narrative short film releasing in the next couple of months [Editor’s Update: Live Now]! Being produced by The Night Shift.

Matt Liguori at work in the Tire Sire shop

Tire Sire

Chicago’s source for board maintenance, tire swaps, and upcycling by an SLS-certified Onewheel mechanic

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