Future Motion Vs. JW Batteries Lawsuit Dismissed

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JW Batteries Lawsuit Dismissed (For Now)

The court has ruled to dismiss Future Motion’s lawsuit against JW Batteries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the story is over.


On August 31, 2021, Future Motion filed a lawsuit against JW Batteries, LLC, a manufacturer and seller of aftermarket batteries which extend the range and torque capabilities of the Onewheel.

To learn more about this issue, read our article “Why Future Motion is Suing JW Batteries.”

Case Dismissed

The dismissal of Future Motion’s lawsuit against JW Batteries was related to the Court’s finding that it lacked personal jurisdiction over JW Batteries. Personal jurisdiction refers to the power that a court has to make a decision regarding the party being sued in a case. Before a court can exercise power over a defendant (i.e. issue a judgment against it), the U.S. Constitution requires that the party has certain minimum contacts with the forum in which the Court sits. 

The Court found that JW Batteries, a Texas corporation which does business throughout the United States and abroad through its website and social media outlets, had no special relationship to California. The Court found that there was a low volume of JW Batteries sales in California, and no evidence of JW Batteries specifically targeting California in its marketing or sales efforts. Thus, the Court declined to hear the case and dismissed it.

Furthermore, as stated in the May 2, 2022 Order Granting Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss, “Because the Court dismisses for lack of personal jurisdiction, the Court need not address JW’s additional contention that venue in this District was improper.” 

What Does the Court’s Decision Mean?

This is a procedural dismissal, not a substantive one. This decision sheds no light on the underlying merits of FM’s claims. Future Motion could bring the case again in another state at another time. 

IOWA’s legal experts point out that it is possible for Future Motion to file their case again in Texas. But, it should also be noted that it would have made sense for FM to consent to a transfer of venue to Texas, and they did not for unknown reasons. Therefore, we can only speculate as to whether Future Motion will re-file the lawsuit, and what a court might say if confronted with the actual merits of their claims if such a re-filing occurs.

Those interested in Onewheel legal issues will be keeping an eye out for future filings in Texas to determine if Future Motion will decide to continue to pursue its claims against JW Batteries. IOWA’s legal experts will continue to monitor the situation and provide members with the latest Onewheel legal news.


By Noah Priest-Goodsett, IOWA Board Member 

Official Court motion to dismiss Future Motion's lawsuit against JW Batteries, May 2, 2022

Court Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Excerpt from the Court Order granting JW Batteries’ motion to dismiss Future Motion’s lawsuit against them on May 2, 2022.

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