Hey Guys! Stitch from Wheel Fun Stuff here. We got a package in the mail today from Lumos. Lumos is a helmet company re-inventing the modern day helmet. Here we have the new Lumos Matrix street helmet. This helmet is a new smart commuter helmet intended to make you more visible on the street. The packaging tells us everything that should be in the box. Lets see what’s inside! Inside we have a matte black helmet. It has an LED strip on the front as a headlight and an LED panel on the back. We have some warranty and set up cards, along with a user manual. We have some additional swappable helmet padding. A remote control, a USB charger, a clip for the remote and some bands to mount them on a bike.
Being a Onewheel rider, we may not have any use for the bike clip and mount. But who knows, we might get creative and try to make a wearable bracelet out of it. The helmet looks sleek and I’m loving the matte black look! There is a power button on the left strap. You’ll see the LED panel light up and the current battery percentage flash when it’s turned on. There are plenty of different settings you can select from to make you more visible during the commute. The settings vary from a multicolored sweep, a colored radar, spinning caution triangle, colorful fireworks, a back and forth scan, a marquee saying “hello road!” and then the same settings will repeat in red. Once you cycle through the red, the colored settings will return. The headlight on the front is bright. This helmet will keep you visible from all directions.
An awesome feature of the Matrix is the turn signals you can trigger with the provided remote control. Blinkers on the front will notify oncoming traffic which way you want to turn. The turn signals on the back create a gold arrow flowing in the direction you want to turn. The turn signals can also be triggered by using the Lumos App you can download from the apple app store or the google play store. It can also be triggered with an apple watch by gesturing the traffic turn signals with your arms. Inside the helmet you can see a notch cut out. Here you can place the provided remote inside and behind that is where you’ll see a port to charge the helmet and remote with the proprietary charger. The padding on the inside is easily removed and interchangeable. The padding is machine wash safe and easily cleaned. The blue padding is made for a looser fit and the red will provide a tighter fit. First impression I really like this helmet and cant wait to get it on the street and start riding with it. It comes in a matte black as well as a pearlescent white. You can preorder yours now from the Lumos website. Now lets take these helmets out on the street for a ride!



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