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Wheel Scorcher Race Results Are In!


Wheel Scorcher at Fire Mountain–the second iteration of this event in Cherokee, NC hosted by the creator of Floatlife Fest–featured 3 segments of insane downhill Onewheel racing. Berms, tech, steep hill bombs, tabletops–you name it, Fire Mountain will throw it at you, and then some. Skip ahead to see the race results!

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Onewheel Racing League

As a Onewheel Racing League (ORL) sanctioned event, Wheel Scorcher invited riders to put down their best times and earn a coveted spot in the finals bracket at the Race for the Rail qualifier of their choosing.

This season’s ORL sanctioned events included DirtSurferz, Shredfest 2, and Wheel Scorcher. The fastest man and woman from each of these events earned the chance to seed directly into the finals bracket at the qualifier of their choice, with travel expenses covered by ORL.

These riders are: Kyle Hansen, Rachel Payne, Austin Silva, Mercedes Silva, and Racheal Cecil. Additionally, because DirtSurferz winner Kyle Hansen had already earned his spot at the qualifier, Jesse Turpin, the second place winner at DirtSurferz, will also proceed to the qualifiers. 

The Western Regional Qualifier takes place July 9-10 in San Jose, CA. The Eastern Regional Qualifier takes place July 30-31 in Hendersonville, NC. The top four competitors at these events will compete at Race for the Rail in mid-August, date and location TBA.

Onewheel GT: The Ultimate Test

Wheel Scorcher allowed riders to compete with any board model and aftermarket mods or accessories they wished. No separate prizes were awarded based on the type of board competitors chose to ride.

The Onewheel GT was both a blessing and a curse at Fire Mountain. Its 3hp of torque was key for climbing the steep, rocky berms to access race course trailheads. However, the strenuous climb caused many GT motors to overheat. Some exceeded 200 degrees Fahrenheit, causing permanent damage to stator magnets. “Wheel Scorcher,” indeed!

GT riders faced the additional challenge of clearance due to the longer, thicker rails of the Onewheel GT. It took finesse to climb the steep inclines without digging in the nose, and it took guts to send it fast enough to avoid dragging tail on the way down.

Fortunately, guts were in no short supply–you can’t ride Fire Mountain without them! See how riders stacked up in our Wheel Scorcher race results gallery below.

Wheel Scorcher Race Results

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