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The advanced category of videos consists of next level riding beyond the basics. Riders should be comfortable on their Onewheel and also have learned the various parts of the board, their function, as well as know where they are located. By now, its very likely you might have taken a fall or two but it is very important to continue learning and practice the anticipation of "run outs" or "roll outs" in case of a fall. These videos will help you progress to the next level of riding.

How To 360 Toe Spin On Your Onewheel With Isaac Kosloskey - TFL Trick Tips
One of the extremely talented TFL Team riders, Isaac Kosloskey, is [...]
How to revert (180)
Bodhi Harrison gives you the full breakdown of how to do a revert on [...]
Curb Drops
This installment in the Onewheel 101 video series will teach you how [...]