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These videos are primarily for new riders who just started riding or those interested in learning the basics of what it takes to ride a Onewheel. We recommend to start viewing the videos in this category as well as the safety category to familiarize yourself with your board and safe riding. It's extremely important to get into the habit of using safety gear and learn good riding technique. Remember, if your hurt you can't ride! 
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The advanced category of videos consists of next level riding beyond the basics. Riders should be comfortable on their Onewheel and also have learned the various parts of the board, their function, as well as know where they are located. By now, its very likely you might have taken a fall or two but it is very important to continue learning and practice the anticipation of "run outs" or "roll outs" in case of a fall. These videos will help you progress to the next level of riding.
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Here you will find videos from and of the best riders in the world. It's taken them several years of practice, failure, an injury or two, and success to do the things you will see in this category of videos. Remember to take precautions and continue using safety equipment in order to minimize injury to yourself or others around. Keep on progressing your riding ability and remember to share the stoke! 
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These safety videos focus on various aspects including proper safety equipment and safe riding technique. 

Disclaimer: The International One Wheel Association always advocates for the use of proper safety equipment and riding technique to protect yourself and others around. Please be safe out there everyone! 
Onewheel Repairs & Modifications
4 videos
These videos consist of simple and complex Onewheel repairs & modifications which are vital to keeping your board in perfect working order.

Disclaimer: Any time you take apart your board, you risk voiding your warranty and damaging your board. This video is a courtesy instructional video and we cannot be held responsible if you damage your board, void your warranty, or injure yourself during the process. Modify your board at your own risk!