CC Travis shares the story behind 1Protect, makers of lightweight hand and wrist protection for Onewheel riders.
Location: Portland, Oregon

Products or services offered: We sell gloves with removable palm pucks to protect your hands while riding.

What is your most popular product? We sell an equal amount of both our full-finger and fingerless gloves. Most people buy a pair of each.

How/why did your business get started?


I started 1Protect out of personal necessity when I first got my Onewheel. I disliked wearing bulky traditional wrist guards and, coming from a downhill skateboarding background, my first thought was to use downhill skateboarding gloves with removable palm pucks. The problem was the pucks were too thick and restricted hand use while riding.

I started looking into different styles of pucks that protected the hand while still being able to leave the hands functional. Once I found the style of puck that I loved, I had a mold made and made some samples for personal use as well as for some friends. People liked the gloves so I sent a few pairs to some other riders around the world.

They got great reviews and 1Protect the business was born. 1Protect now is a family-run business and a dream come true.

CC Travis sports a 1Protect jersey while hoisting his onewheel overhead
Riders wearing 1Protect full finger and fingerless gloves

What needs did you see in the community that were not being filled?

1Protect was originally meant to be a minimalist style hand protection for the many riders who dislike wearing wrist guards but still valued protecting their hands. There were no options aimed at Onewheelers when we launched and we filled this need.

What makes your product different?

The only other gloves available that are aimed at PEV riders have very small permeant style palm protection plates while our gloves have a larger protection area and are removable depending on your needs.

Do you have any new/exciting projects in the pipeline? 

We are currently working on a hybrid winter glove that can be used during winter street riding and in the snow. [Editor’s Update: Now available!] We also have a wristguard protection glove in the works.

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