Event Hosts

Suggested Standardized Regulations for Event Hosts

When Racers register for the event or when they check-in for the event, they should register under a board and rider class (see Classes Section). They will then be assigned a racing number with identification they need to wear during the race so that the Timers can clearly see it.
The Host of the event will determine which classes will be allowed during the race and if they will be including a Grom (Under-14 class)
The Host may decide how the race will start (mass start race, separate races based on rider classes, single rider at a time going at timed intervals)

    • The Host does need to have a separate race for Groms if they allow Groms to register at their event. This does not need to be the same trail/ racecourse as the adult classes, but it can be.
    • IOWA fully supports the next generation of One Wheelers, but we respect that not every event needs a Groms race.
    • Pints should not race against XRs.

The Host should record the terrain, distance, elevation changes of the course, and the times of racers. They should send this data to an IOWA representative at the end of their event for IOWA official records


Safety for Adults

    • All riders must race wearing at least hand protection and a helmet.

Safety for Groms

    • In addition to hand protection and a helmet, all Groms should wear elbow and knee protection.
    • Everyone 13 years old or younger race here.
    • Groms do not race against adults. There will be a separate race for the Grom Class. The Host will determine the course the Groms will race on
    • The Host should announce if there will be a Grom race. Not every event will have this class, but IOWA fully supports the next generation of One Wheelers.
    • If there is only one grom at an event they should still have their time recorded for their national ranking.

Board Classes



      • Anything goes, make the best alterations board inside and out


      • No alteration to your grip to the board and to the ground
      • You do not need to have stock grip tape
      • No alterations to controller, battery or motor power
      • No third-party vendor products
      • Must ride on a Slick Vega tire


      • Apply the top two classes to this board
      • Pint Races will not take place during an XR race

Rider Classes


      • Anyone who is 13 years old or younger qualifies for this class


      • Anyone who wants to identify with this class of racers, is under 215 lbs. and is 14 years or older may race with this class. (Worded so as to include androgenous/gender queer people that would like to race with this group)


      • Anyone who wants to identify with this class of racers, is under 215 lbs. and is 14 years or older may race with this class. (Worded so as to include androgenous/gender queer people that would like to race with this group)


      • Anyone who weighs more than 215 lbs. qualifies for this class of riders


      • Anyone 40 years old or older qualifies for this class of riders

Race Protocol

Timers and Recorders

    • At the finish line there needs to be at least 2 people with timers and one person recording the racers and their times. These people need to be working as a team and be assigned by the host.
    • They will read off rider numbers and times.


Finish Line

    • The finish line should be clearly distinguished
    • A camera should be recording the entire race at the finish line to determine close winners. This can also be used to help the Recorder validate times just in case things get crazy
    • Flash finishes are determined by the nose of the racer’s board across the finish line, not body parts
    • If there are multiple laps in a race, those laps should be clearly distinguished for both the racers and recorders. Examples include: white and checkered flags during motocross events, the big lap number signs used during track/ cross country events or just some whiteboards/signs with numbers on them


Racer Identification

    • The Host should have a system to distinguish riders by number. This will allow efficient and organized recording during the races.

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