Vendor name: One Stop Board Shop

Owner: Brian Lindy

Location: 8 Roosevelt Place, Somerville, NJ 08876

Products or services offered: One Stop Board Shop is a retail and e-commerce store and an independent repair center selling and servicing personal electric vehicles, as well as parts and accessories.

What is your most popular product? Our most popular product category would be Onewheel, followed closely by Evolve. Our most popular (top 3) products, purely in order by most sold in a month’s time, would be the Weatherproof Power Button Cover, followed by Bearing Seals, and then Sidekicks!

How/why did your business get started? My business actually started by accident. After buying my first Onewheel and getting it 5 months later in the start of the summer, I had to immediately send it in for a warranty repair for a bad headlight. After waiting for the repair and losing prime summer riding time, I decided that if I ever needed service or repair on my board, I would do it myself. Given that there were no local repair options in the tri-state region, word got out that I knew a thing or two and other riders hit me up for a helping hand. I didn’t even realize it yet, but that was the start of One Stop Board Shop.

Brian Lindy, owner and founder of One Stop Board Shop, works on repairing a onewheel XR.

What needs did you see in the community that were not being filled? In addition to the local service needs from the previous question, most options for any e-skate related products and services were all out on the west coast. You couldn’t “try before you buy” on most of the awesome products our community and manufacturers make, so you had to have them shipped. And there are so many different places to get things, and what’s compatible with what, and what if I don’t like it? You get it. So, since I was already doing some services for our local community, a buddy of mine and I started talking and decided, there has to be a better way, right? And there was. One Stop Board Shop


What makes your product different from similar products on the market? While we do carry a few products in our own line of cool stuff, we are primarily a retailer, so our “products” are our knowledge base, customer support, user experience on our website, onestopboardshop.com, and, for our local riders, the ability to have a physical store to come in and get your board fixed or decked out, and check out whatever cool stuff we have!


Do you have any new/exciting projects in the pipeline? What are they and when can we expect them to be available? We just started dipping our toes into the manufacturing world, and we currently have our own line of products, but we’re starting small. We are working on some major collabs (we just released our first collab with The Float Life), and we are working on quite a few more. Also, we’re making more stuff as we expand and grow. We just got some fun machines for in house customization! More importantly, you are going to see some really awesome lifestyle stuff from us. We are working on some rider specific projects, especially with our OSBS pro team! Make sure to subscribe to our StokeMail on onestopboardshop.com and follow us on our socials for these killer drops!


How can IOWA members take advantage of your special member discount?
(i.e. Specific products/offers, code to use at checkout, etc.) As an IOWA vendor, IOWA has exclusive access for its members to receive 10% off (exclusions apply) our site. They will provide the coupon codes to its members that we’ve provided exclusively for IOWA! Enjoy, and most importantly…

Stay Riding. ➖🛑➖