Oak city Shred Fest

That is our mission at Oak City Onewheel, the triangle’s Onewheel and PEV riders club. After founding members shared their camping venue Lakeside Retreats, we knew we had to host an event on this property. Thanks to the support of Lakeside Retreats we have built a purpose-built Onewheel race track we call FloatTrack. Our first event was opened with Hurricane Elsa and despite her attempt, the stoke could not be washed away.

While racing on the community-built FloatTrack is a huge draw, Oak City Shred Fest offers more than just racing. From Onewheel riding clinics to stand-up paddleboard yoga, we offer something for everyone including tattoos from some of the east coast top artists. Hosted on beautiful Lakeside Retreats, Oak City Shred Fest offers some of the best North Carolina live music on the lakeside stage, featuring the local event lighting company Life is Art Studios you will not want to miss these all night concerts!!!

We host a weekend stocked with diverse clinics, artisan vendors, food trucks, live music, prizes, and more. We want your logos on our banners, and we want your support for this local community event. Let’s grow this emerging sport right here in Raleigh, contact us for ways to support this growing community.

Time: 12/03/2022 9:30 am
Location: Florida