What is pushback on Onewheel? Great question! Pushback is an important safety feature that tells the rider that they’re approaching the limits of the board and that they need to lean back and slow down. During a pushback warning, the nose of the board signaling to the rider to shift their weight back. Approaching top speed is a common reason to experience pushback. The speed at which you experience pushback at will change depending on your Digital Shaping setting. If you are in Sequoia or Cruz, you will experience pushback sooner than you will in Mission or Delirium. It’s important to note that other factors such as tire pressure, rider weight, incline and battery level are equally as influential on when you experience pushback. You will also receive a pushback warning if the board detects any situation in which you need to slow down and get off. For example, you will get pushback if your board is running out of battery or if you are going downhill on a full battery and experience an overcharge situation. If the strength of pushback keeps increasing, you need to immediately, slow down and stop. Once you experience pushback, do not continue to lean forward to accelerate. You are riding the board past its intended limits, and you could get seriously hurt. Some riders have a tendency to try counteract pushback and shift their weight forward to keep your center of gravity over the wheel. In this scenario the board will continue to ride as the riders weight remains forward. It’s important to give into the pushback of the board and shift weight to the back leg to slow down. Like any sport, it’s important to take your time. Stay within your limits and always wear a helmet. Enjoy the ride!



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