In this video we learn from Sean Nelson on how to change the bearings on your Onewheel. Why would you want to replace the bearings on your Onewheel? Replacing the bearings is arguably the most important item to give your Onewheel motor the longeviity so you can go endless miles. If you are over 1000 miles and are starting to hear “clunks” when you transfer from your toe side to your heel side, you likely need your bearings changed. If you are hearing constant clunks or clicks, you should stop riding your board immediately and get your bearings replaced. Contrary to what some might say, the sound IS NOT cosmetic and the more you ride with the clunks, the more you’re damaging your motor. After this bearings replacement, my Onewheel was riding smoother than ever. I felt like it was even smoother than my other brand new XR. It really does make a difference.

Sean recommends buying the SKF 61907-2RS1 bearings which have the better seal for the Onewheel application.

Disclaimer: Any time you take apart your mod, you risk voiding your warranty and damaging your board. Changing your bearings is inherently risky. This video is a courtesy instructional video and we cannot be held responsible if you damage your board, void your warranty, or injure yourself during the process. Mod at your own risk.

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